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Season of That to Come

Sharing a piece and image from this past autumn…


Beauty Beheld

I cry for beauty
I cry for beauty abused
Beauty longing to be held
I long to behold beauty
And to be held by it

Beauty unabridged, unbroken
Touched by the God
Untouched by man
Touching the spirit

Oh, beauty divine!
Wrap me in unbridled arms
Whisper to me with your wind
Wash me clean with your rain
Set me afire with the light of your sun

Beauty beheld
In the peaks that rise
The pastures that roll
And the rivers that run

Beauty to be held
Beauty to behold


Copyright 2017

Sweep Me

Come and sweep me off my feet
Take me to the place where adventure lives
Where you catch a glimpse and that glimpse catches your breath
Breathless glimpsation of a providential moment made so by happenstance or mindful reflection

Come, sweep me off my feet
To that place of serenity and stillness
Where the shuffling silence of the world surrounding is just that- silenced
Silence shuffled with a cry for tranquility amongst taciturn hesitancy and doubt

Come, sweep me off my feet
To that place of gratitude and joy
Where the chest swells with laughter and thankfulness for love given and received
Loving laughter received and given thankfully

Come, sweep me into the arms of the unknown
To that place of mystery and encounter
Where the Other dwells and a greater Truth can be revealed
The truth of another revealed in our common dwelling

Come, sweep me off my feet
To know, to love, to listen, to explore.

Come, sweep me.

Copyright 2016

a true adventure


Uneven Life


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