Hollers of the Heart


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Holiness In You

I see Holiness in you

I see the smile that radiates joy

A flower that cradles the sun’s beams

The wind that brushes heat from my face and gives me strength for another round

Hands that till the soil and usher in new life

There is sweat that trickles on your brow and stings my eyes

The vine of our world that twists and turns and turns and  twists and twists and turns

I see us unraveling it so it will bear fruit so sweet

I see water that revives and renews old life and quenches the thirst of many

You and I working together, building something new and strong

I see a grateful heart and a mind at peace

I see hands dirty with Christ’s Word and fingers blistered from proclaiming His Love

I see you

I see us

I see all of creation

We are one

It is beautiful

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