Hollers of the Heart



“May Your Mind Learn to Love With Compassion”


definition: suffering with

The 1st thing that strikes me about this quote is that it seems to presuppose that your body loves with compassion or that the mind is already so distant from the virtue of compassion that it needs a recall on being compassionate.

Taking the view of the former it would seem to be a call of awakening from just going through the motions. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” sort of situation.

Most people enjoy helping others and alleviating the pain of others. There are countless examples of people contributing to the betterment of mankind through service organizations all over the place. A lot of these service opportunities are considered by others to be acts of compassion.

The definition of  ‘compassion’ is: ‘suffering with’. So ask yourself, “Are all service projects acts of compassion?” I don’t think so. Yes, I absolutely think that working in a soup kitchen and helping build affordable housing and organizing a fundraiser are all great things to do and they need to be done, however, the acts alone are not acts of true compassion.

To show true compassion you join the struggles of those you are serving and befriend them and know what it is to bear that “suffering with” them. It is in that moment that we open ourselves completely and become totally vulnerable to everything and everyone and allow ourselves to be changed and moved, that’s when true compassion takes place. Only when you cry with someone who is afflicted in some way, when you share the same pain, when you can say “I too have experienced this”, that’s when you’re showing true compassion in both thought and action.

Some people say that actions speak louder than words. I say that actions are only as powerful as the “suffering with” behind the words.


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